Non-technical Results
LID Subdivision (Post-construction)

Construction  |  Post-construction

What happened in the LID subdivision after construction?

The stormwater runoff volume per unit area from the LID subdivision after construction was 42% less than what ran off the undeveloped site! Imagine that the runoff before construction is the small cylinder below (left). As a result of LID practices, the stormwater running off the site decreased to the size of the smaller cylinder!

  LID runoff pre-construction.

LID runoff post-construction:
A 42% decrease!

Although there was a large decrease in stormwater runoff, the amount of a couple of pollutants leaving the site did increase. Sediment and phosphorus export increased, due to some fertilization by homeowners in the grassed swales and possible grass clippings. However, the increase was much less than the increase in the traditional subdivision.


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