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Traditional Subdivision (Post-construction)

Construction  |  Post-construction

What happened in the Traditional subdivision after construction?

After all of the road surfaces, driveways and houses were installed, dramatic changes were found in stormwater runoff from the Traditional subdivision. The stormwater volume per unit area running off the site after construction increased by 1550%! Imagine that the runoff before construction is the small cylinder below (left). As a result of construction, the stormwater running off the site increased to the size of the large cylinder!
Traditional runoff

Traditional runoff post-construction: A 1550% increase!

As a result of these large increases in stormwater running off the site, the amount of certain key pollutants that entered local waterways also increased. These pollutants, such as phosphorus, metals, and sediment, harm aquatic life and create nuisance algae blooms in local waterways.


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